16-year-old attacks trans woman with cobblestone

EA sixteen-year-old insulted and attacked a trans woman in a Berlin hair salon. As the police announced on Sunday evening, the young person apparently entered the salon in the Friedrichsfelde district on Saturday to apologize to the trans woman who worked there. The sixteen-year-old had insulted and threatened the forty-nine-year-old several times in the past. The state security department processes such notifications.

When the trans woman asked the youngster to leave the shop, he is said to have insulted her again. He is also said to have tried to hit her in the direction. However, he missed her because she dodged in time. When the forty-nine-year-old announced that she would call the police, the sixteen-year-old left the salon. Shortly thereafter, however, he is said to have taken a cobblestone from his clothing and thrown it in the direction of the woman.

He hit the front door of the store and damaged it. The woman was able to flee back to the salon beforehand and was not physically injured. Police officers arrested the suspect at the scene and took him into custody for identification. From this he was later released. The state security took over the further investigations into insult and attempted dangerous bodily harm.

It's not the only recent attack on trans people. On August 27, such an attack in Münster ended fatally: a 25-year-old trans man was hit with his fist by another man at a CSD event. The twenty-five-year-old later succumbed to his injuries in hospital. At the beginning of September, a 57-year-old trans woman was attacked and seriously injured by 10 to 15 young people on a tram in Bremen. Only when other passengers intervened did they let go of the trans woman and fled. State security is investigating hate crime and dangerous bodily harm.

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