102-year-old who was declared dead makes a party

Mourning ceremony in Calcutta (symbol image)
Image: dpa

The senior drove to a government office in a carriage and with a brass band to convince the authorities of his liveliness. Duli Chand has not received a pension since March. His situation is not unique in India.

MA 102-year-old man who has been declared dead has a brass band, carriage and wedding clothes in his India tried to convince the authorities that he was alive. As local media reported on Thursday, Duli Chand drove up in the parade in front of a government office and exclaimed, "I'm alive!"

According to him, the authorities had stopped his old-age pension in March because they believed he was dead. Chand had not been able to convince them otherwise. According to an activist, this is not an isolated case in the northern Indian state of Haryana.

Activist Naveen Jaihind was one of dozens who joined the pageant. He heard about the case and decided to help. The activists have already visited several offices and held a press conference - without success, Jaihind reported to the AFP news agency. So they came up with the idea of ​​the pseudo wedding procession to get their cause noticed.

A video of the move quickly spread across the online networks. After that, he received calls from about three dozen people in Haryana who had a similar experience to the 102-year-old, Jaihind said.

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