1. FC Köln at OGC Nice in Europa Conference League with rampage

EIt started as a big party on the Cote d'Azur, then a dark shadow followed due to terrible riots in the stadium and in the end 1. FC Köln missed the deserved victory at the start of the Conference League with an unlucky penalty. 1. FC Köln's first group game in the European Cup in almost five years turned into an emotional rollercoaster ride. Ultimately, the team of coach Steffen Baumgart, who was locked in the stands, had to go 1-1 (1-0) at the OGC despite a long and strong performance Nice content

But the impressions of the heavy riots before the first conference league group game. In the meantime, the staging was on the brink, in the end it was kicked off 55 minutes late at 7.40 p.m. In the event of another incident, the game will be canceled immediately, UEFA said. But this one didn't happen. According to the Nice Police Prefecture, 18 people were injured.

"You're almost at a loss for words"

Steffen Tigges, who came from Dortmund in the summer, gave Cologne the lead at the break with his first goal in a competitive game (19th minute) against the team of the long-standing Bundesliga coach Lucien Favre taken care of. Nice equalized with a hand penalty from Andy Delort (62'). Timo Hübers got the ball against his arm from a free kick in the wall.

The game will have an emotional and financial aftermath for FC because of the riots. "It wasn't easy to get the focus back on football," said regular assistant coach André Pawlak, who represented Baumgart on the sidelines. "What happened before the game is almost at a loss for words. It's sad what happened there."

Trailer crashes into the middle tier

But the game will have an emotional and financial aftermath for FC because of the riots. "I'm stunned," said Colognes Managing Director Christian Keller before the game on RTL. "Of our 8,000 fans, 7,900 behaved well, and from Nice it was not much more than a few dozen total chaos. Although chaotic is too weak a word. I can only think of swear words that don't belong here."

Amateur videos from fans showed a supporter falling from the middle tier while dodging a firecracker. According to the police prefecture, it was a supporter from Paris, with whom FC Ultras maintain a fan friendship. Another is said to have been attacked with a knife. "It shows that what happened here is perverse," Keller said.

He described the process as follows: “The information I have is that hooligans from Nice were the first to break into our fan block. Then there are hooligans from our fan block, most of whom are said to be from Paris and dressed up as people from Cologne, and of course a few from Cologne follow. "You must never, ever come back to the stadium, at least not to Cologne." Many FC fans sang during the riots: "We are from Cologne and you are not."

Cologne captain Jonas Hector and Nice's captain Dante stepped in front of their fan blocks with microphones. “We wanted to celebrate a football festival with you. We still want to play, but of course we can't approve of that," said Hector: "We worked our ass off to qualify for the Conference League and we want to play this too. Please keep quiet, we want to celebrate football here and not have violence."

At midday, thousands of FC fans paraded through the city and celebrated their club's return to the European Cup with carnival hits and a big parade. Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi was upset with the legacy and behavior of FC supporters. "I regret the rude and scandalous behavior of the Cologne fans and the lack of respect for the city, which welcomes them generously and brotherly," he tweeted with photos of garbage leftovers in the city. "We will send the invoices for damage and the cleaning of public places to the Cologne association," he announced.

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