1.6 million people evacuated in China due to tropical storm Muifa

Dhe typhoon Muifa forced around 1.6 million people to leave their homes on the east coast of China. The storm brought strong winds and heavy rain on Thursday. State broadcaster CCTV reported that "Muifa" was the first typhoon to hit the metropolis since weather records began in 1949 Shanghai haunted. More than 25 million people live there.

In Shanghai were loud CCTV At least 426,000 people have been brought to safety, and another 1.2 million people have been taken to emergency shelters in neighboring Zhejiang province. The heavy rains caused flooding in several areas in the Yangtze River Delta and caused traffic problems. On Wednesday, all passenger flights to and from Shanghai were canceled due to the approaching typhoon. According to the Flightradar24 website, there were still no connections on Thursday morning.

Landslide in Zheijiang Province

"Muifa" caused huge waves in Hangzhou Bay south of Shanghai. Chinese radio also reported a landslide in Ninghai County, Zheijiang Province. There were initially no reports of deaths or injuries from the storm.

Because of "Muifa", work at the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo, which are among the largest container ports in Asia, has also been suspended. According to the port administration, operations should resume on Thursday.

"Muifa" is the twelfth typhoon that China meets this year. It follows Typhoon Hinnamnoor, which hit Shanghai and the surrounding region last week. The ferry service in Shanghai had to be suspended as a result, and schools were closed in parts of Zhejiang.

The US climate agency NOAA released a report this month that tropical storms had increased significantly in the past year. Scientists assume that the storms will become more intense and frequent as a result of climate change.

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